Our Mission

Galveston Onestop Cleaning all-inclusive home care service“Over 20 years in the customer service industry”


Galveston Onestop Cleaning is a house and apartment cleaning service provider that serves all of Galveston County. Our mission is to provide professional, affordable cleaning service so that our customers will not be overwhelmed with day-to-day household responsibilities!

The biggest customer complaint in the housecleaning industry is lack of consistency – both in the quality of the services provided and in the lack of personal responsibility. The same employee never seems to show up more than once, leaving homeowners with the lack of confidence and peace of mind that comes from trust built over time. Galveston One Stop Cleaning is a one-man operation, not a franchise and not a big-business.

We service:

We are:

Galveston Insurance Agency
Burns & Wilcox Ltd.
2301 E. Lamar Blvd
Arlington, Texas 76006

What sets us apart?

Attention to detail:

  • Consistency
  • Reliability
  • Experience